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This region offers a huge variety of locally grown products.  Whichever direction you look you see landscapes of cattle, fruits trees and invariably vines.  There are a number of hugely popular wines central to  the area, most famous, of which, is perhaps the Cahors (AOC) but move just a little bit from the centre of our area and you will find many other wines also to be tried. 

Just a little further to the north you’ll find the vineyards of Bergerac.  The one we are highlighting in this edition is the Vignoble des Verdots owned, since 1992 by David Fourtout and is located at 'Conne de Labarde' which for many people is almost passed on those regular runs to the airport.

Originally coming from Saint-Emilion the family have now managed this vineyard for four generations. Their wines falls under the two different headings of Bergerac and Monbazillac wines. 

Probably uniquely in the area – the Chateau has a river (the Verdots) flowing under its cellar.  The river was discovered during the ten years it took to excavate the cave out of the rock under the Chateau.  This underground cellar is ideal for the storage of the wines.  Once the river subterranean river was discovered it was explored and exposed.   From the huge cellar it is now possible to look down at the river flowing underneath and the same cellar has carefully lit viewing points around its walls allowing the rock formation to be clearly seen. 

The buildings are modern in style but blend well with the surrounding vineyards.   The reception hall which is 300 sq. meters in size has a glass wall at the rear to allow visitors to see into some of the barrel storage areas.  Here you can also get a great view of the vineyard and take some time to enjoy tasting some of the wines.

The terroir may be exceptional for the growing of grapes but this alone is not sufficient to create great wines.  Human intervention with understanding, passion and patience is what actually makes the essential difference.  David and his team have these qualities and this in turn has helped them earn many awards.  Including the 2016, le Guide Hachette des Vins awarding them a 'bronze grape ' for the cuvée 'Clos des Verdots Bergerac rouge 2014'.

This summer it is hoped to open the dug-out cellar and the underground river to visitors who can then visit the vineyard, taste its wine and see the amazing cellar and its watery foundation; perhaps even sampling a few local ‘Perigourdine’ delicacies at the same time.  So it will be worth checking the website for days and times for these visits. 

Open all year 9am to 12.30 and 2pm to 6pm. In July/August this extends to: 9am – 7pm verdots@wanadoo.fr  www.verdots.com

GPS : 44° 46’ 34” N – 0° 33’ 17” E


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