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The main entrance to the village is via the Porte de la Citadelle, an original entrance through the 13th century town defences.  Puymirol was established in 1246 by Count Raymond V11 of Toulouse.    During this period many bastides (fortified villages) were established locally, this reportedly being the oldest bastide in Aquitaine.

Although officially classed as a bastide village the centre of Puymirol runs along a main street (Rue Royal) rather than around a central square as you’d expect to find in a typical bastide.  The centre of the village has many arcaded medieval stone-buildings and houses the Church of Notre-Dame du Grand-Castel, with its lovely 13th century portal formed with a series of ornately carved arches.

The church was largely rebuilt in the 17th century and during the 18th century local dignitaries were buried under its floor, it is said that there are several hundred of them interred there.

From the Tourist Office you can obtain a leaflet which will help you find many of the interesting and hidden-away buildings, such as the old hospital, orphanage and the old Chateau.

Puymirol perches high on a rocky outcrop and parts of its ramparts are still intact, as is one of the ancient lookout towers - from where there are lovely views across the landscape.  This tower was at one time the home of the local executioner who wasn’t allowed to reside within the village walls.

A footpath can be followed around the ramparts. On the south end of the village you can find ‘Le Senat’ a refuge dug into the rock of the ramparts.  In ancient times the people of the village would use this as a meeting place.

Within the village there‘s a small shop, a bakers and a bar.  If you’re looking for somewhere to eat then there is the very well-known restaurant - Aubergade which is a splendid Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of the village along with La Poule d’Or – a sister restaurant all within the same splendid old village-centre buildings.

Puymirol, Agen, Lot-et-Garonne, Aquitaine, 47270, France

GPS: latitude 44.1878, longitude 0.798333

The Tourist Office can be contacted on




Unless otherwise stated the photo credits are owed to the Office de Tourisme Porte d’Aquitaine en Pays de Serres.


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