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Puy L’Évêque

Puy L’eveque (46700) sits right on the River Lot. The origins of the town are not clear although traces of Roman roads have been discovered running right through the middle of the existing town.  That said, there was not any real mention of the town in documents until the Middle-Ages.   Before the Albigensian Crusade, it was a Cathar stronghold.  Many people do not appreciate that the spread of the Cathar’s reached this far North or West.

In 1228 the warrior Bishop of Cahors, Guillaume de Cardaillac, took possession of the town and gave it the present name of Puy-l’Evêque -‘Bishop's Hill’.   For some considerable time the town then remained under the control of the Count-Bishops of Cahors.   In common with most other locations it suffered considerable ruination during the Hundred Years War when it was occupied for a sometime by the English.  Then in 1580, during the Wars of Religion, it was besieged, without success, by the Protestants under the command of the then future King Henri IV; the marks of his cannonballs are still visible on the church of Saint-Sauveur.

The French Revolution ended the rule of the Bishops and for a while the town changed its name to 'Puy Libre’.

After the Napoleonic Wars the town was enjoyed a period of prosperity. The 1830s and 1840s saw the construction of the first bridge over the River Lot.  The river has always been a great source of power and influence for the town, or perhaps those controlling the town as it provides the means for the trading and shipping of goods. 

Puy L’Eveque lies right in the middle of the famous Cahors AOC vineyards and in the Middle-Ages this was the greatest region for this good red (some would say) black red wine.  

In modern times the town offers most things that residents and visitors could want, bakers, banks, supermarket, hotels and bars and restaurants.  Tuesday sees the weekly market in the square at the top of town.  The brave could park at the bottom down by the river and then wander up the small, narrow and steep streets to the top.


The tourist office can be contacted on  info@tourisme-lot-vignoble.com




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