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Montjoi - Historical Walls Embracing New Art

The shock of discovering joy in an unexpected places makes its charm all the more seductive.

Montjoi (82400) which sits high on the side of a lush green valley is truly one of the region’s most attractive villages.   Visitors park outside the village and then enter on foot under the arched gateway to the narrow streets, quaint houses and stunning roses clinging to white, quercy-stone buildings and half-timbered façades.  Without the addition of any further attractions Montjoi is reason enough to pass time in this lovely corner of the Tarn et Garonne. 

Tucked away in this fairy-tale 13th-century, bastide is Galerie Art 27; a haven and oasis of colour and gaiety.  You’ll find the gallery just after you enter the village on the right hand side of the cobbled street, in one of the renovated medieval houses.  All of the work involved in bringing this ancient building back to life and filling it with wonderful collections of art has been a labour of love for its owner, a lady motivated by a passion for the arts and thankfully this perfect village setting.

The gallery’s owner, and Montjoi resident, Edwige Capelle, greets all her visitors with a warm smile.   It’s a warmth that reveals much of the spirit and attitude of the gallery. 

The minute you cross the threshold your curiosity will be aroused, your appetite and interest to discover more is awakened. The exhibits are eclectic and include iron, bronze, terracotta, paper, mosaics, resin, oils, and acrylics.  All of which lead visitors along a pathway to the discovery of texture, media and different artistic techniques but above all to the heart of inspiration and emotion.

As well as displaying works of art, the gallery is a place for painters, sculptors, engravers and other visual artists to exchange ideas and enjoy seeing the juxta play of each other’s work, colours, techniques and textures.  A veritable palette of artistic joy!

Edwige’s commitment to making her new gallery a unique venue, a place where artists and visitors can take pleasure in lingering; is matched only by the commitment of the artists.  Artists both young-up-and-coming and confirmed exhibiting-celebrities all of whom are so pleased to show their work in her airy, renovated yet ancient space.

So whether your pleasure is simply to visit beautiful regional villages or to take the time to appreciate different artistic works (hopefully both) then a trip to Montjoi should surely make its way onto your list of ‘things to do’ and ‘places to go’.


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