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Making advertising work for you

Every business has completely different needs.  What works for one person will not necessarily work for the next.

We are happy to advise on what we think is the best way of getting your business seen. Either by advertising in the magazine, on the website or a mixture of the two.

From the benefit of our experience and from feed back from advertisers and readers - here are a few key points.

  • Unless your business is very seasonal it is better to advertise regularly - a smaller advert running regularly is better than a random large one.
  • It is essential that your contact information is current and that phones/emails are being monitored.
  • If you have a website - make it a good one, reflecting what your advert says, keep it updated and easy to navigate.  The same applies to your social media pages.  If people go on-line and see that nothing has been updated for 3 years they are going to lose confidence.
  • Think about a logos and one that will work at different scales of size and that uses colours/styles that run through all your publicity.
  • Unless you are used to preparing adverts it is probably better to let someone else do it.  See suggestions below.
  • NEED TEXT working on for your website, brochures etc.  Here in our office we offer a writing service.  We can prepare text to help you explain things to your potential customers.  We can also prepare a French translation if required.  We can work from your existing website/advertising or a complete new start.
  • Social Media updates - speak to us about our update and promotion service.  If you have no time or idea what to do - we can maybe help you with this.

We prepare adverts for a small fee (see our advertising rates).  However, this does not mean that we have had the time to talk to you about an image and how to create an advert to work with other aspects of your website/advertising.  

If you are setting up a new business or updating an older one then it might be worth talking to a professional who can cover all the options for you and give you some individual advice.

Locally, you can speak to -

Mark Orrom (in English or French), Orrom Informatique, www.orrom.fr  46700 Puy l'Évêque




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