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Limogne en Quercy

Limogne en Quercy (46260) is situated on the Causse de Limogne which is a Regional National Park of limestone.  Geographically this is a very interesting area and the presence of so much stone has allowed the early evidence of man’s activities in the area to remain visible.  There are many dolmens (open sided tombs) which can be thousands of years old and ancient stone shepherd huts (gariottes) all dotted about in the countryside.  Walking in this region is highly recommended.

Limogne en Quercy is a lively village, all year round, but naturally it fills up quite considerably in the summer months.  The weekly market is held on a Sunday morning and there are also a selection of other shops for life’s essentials.

Limogne is also a centre for the hunting and selling of truffles (all to do with the type of oak trees growing locally) and there are regular markets for these culinary treats.  Each timed at 10.30am.  Make sure you are there for then or you will miss it – over in a flash.  The often secretive world of truffle production does not linger.

The winter truffle markets are - Friday morning in December of March: 10:30 - Place d'Occitanie (opposite the Tourist Office)

The summer truffle markets are - Sunday morning from mid-June to mid-August: 10:30 - Place d'Occitanie

You can contact the Tourist Office at

55 place d'Occitanie, 46260 LIMOGNE en QUERCY

Tel. 05 65 24 34 28, tourisme.limogne@wanadoo.fr



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