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Gourdon (46300) is in the Lot department and quite close to the border with the Dordogne.  Once a very important town with four monasteries all at the same time.  The town was originally given to the Gourdon family in 961 by Count Raymond of Toulouse 1.  However, this family were nearly all killed by Richard the Lion Heart in 1189.

The decades of history have allowed this attractive, hill-top town to develope, with narrow winding streets of honey-coloured stone, some impressive medieval buildings and a good smattering of interesting and charming churches and monuments.  Look out for the church of Notre-Dame des Cordeliers, built in the 13th century and then added to in the 19th century with the addition of an imposing tower clock.   Then then there is the all dominant, St Peter’s church which was built and has survived from the 15th century.

Around the town you may also find other historical sites such as the Maison Cavaignac, with its Renaissance styled entrance and the house of the Seneschal, and many other buildings in the local yellow stone.

There are plenty of facilities within the town and the market is held on a Saturday.  During the summer you will find many concerts, fairs and activities.

You can find more information on the Tourist Information website www.tourisme-gourdon.com



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