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Christian Pradier - Artist

Since leaving the ark animals and birds have been depicted by man.  It started with early cave paintings and it was animals that formed the basis of many childhood stories leaving us with endless happy memories; we engage with these creatures adoring their form and individual charms.

Ceramicist, Christian Pradier, born in Paris in 1949 and settling in the Tarn et Garonne (between Moissac and Valance d’Agen)  in 1977, has found a way of paying tribute to the world’s animals; animals that are often seen as simply being there to provide food or clothing for mankind and that often suffer at mans’ hands.

Christian’s work doesn’t attempt to reproduce the precise anatomy of any bird or animal, instead he evokes the sense and charm of each of them individually.  His creations often have spherical bodies and an exaggerated feature or two, they all have faces and expressions that embody each with a real sense of personality.

The works are made of stoneware, iron and bronze and vary in size from something to sit quietly on a shelf to something that would create a centre-piece in even the largest of gardens.  All the works are suitable for living both indoors and outdoors.

If you missed Christian’s exhibition in May at the ‘Points de Vue’ in Lauzerte then you can catch up with his work during Les Rencontres Estivales de Montjoi (82400) from the 9th July to the 28th August.  Montjoi is a very pretty village and well worth a visit at any time but this exhibition makes it a virtual ‘must’.

You can see more of Christian’s work on http://www.christian-pradier.book.fr/


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