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The village of Cazals is small and sleepy and inherently beautiful.  It is situated between the valleys of the Lot and Dordogne and the whole region is ideally suited to those that love the outdoors. There are a number of similar villages in this area and it almost feels unfair to mention only one here.  We hope to expand on these soon.

The village was founded in 1319 with the aim that it would assist, along with the Bastide de Montfaucon, to help the English King defend the area from the King of France.

The village was arranged around a large square creating a natural place for fairs and markets. Most of the defensive walls were destroyed in 1588 by Marshal Biron. The square remains a delight and this is where you will find the Sunday markets.

The village has all the usual services and in the summer residents and visitors are able to enjoy the local swimming-lake, fishing and play-area. 

The village also houses the Montolza Museum, the first museum dedicated solely to ‘Mecanic Art’ artists, an International Art movement, born in France in the 19th century, whose works illustrate the birth and evolution of the industrial civilization. www.montolza.com

You can contact the Tourist Office :

Office de Tourisme du Pays de Cazals-Salviac

Bureau d'accueil Cazals : 05 65 22 88 88

Rue de la République - 46250 Cazals



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