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The pretty village of Beauville stands at the end of a plateau where it overlooks the valley below and offers some extraordinarily beautiful views.

There is a lovely, square with many interesting architectural styles and the lovely church of St James which dates from the 14th and 15th centuries.  Do take a minute to note the church’s magnificent renaissance door and the interesting old porched bell-tower.  It is within this square and the streets immediately adjoining that you will find the shops including a pharmacy, bank, bakers and small groceries.  There is also a bar and a hotel, but please do not expect too much to be open during the quieter months.

At one end of the village there is a second, grassy-square planted with shady chestnut trees. An ideal venue for summer-time events when the shade becomes all-important.

At the other end, the west end, of the village you will see the 13-14th century chateau, right on the edge of the village.

The summer night markets which usually take place in July and August are very popular with residents and visitors; you will find food, drink and music all in the old town square.  These are usually on a Friday night – do check with the tourist office for more information.

In summer there is a well-known and highly respected Theatre School offering residential courses to children from all over the world.  The performances by Beauville Arts have become a major part of the summer calender.

Two interesting points about this village.  Firstly, it seems to have successfully resisted a siege by the English during the 100 year war.  Secondly, the name does not come from its obvious ‘beauty’ (beau) rather its name derived from the fact that it was a town known for its cows ‘bo’. 

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Unless otherwise mentioned the photo credit is to: office de tourisme Porte d’Aquitaine en Pays de Serres.


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