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Auberge de Miramont - Banoffee Pie

David Roland is the new owner at the ever popular L’Auberge de Miramont, Miramont de Quercy, 82190

David Roland originally comes from Castres (81) he studied at the Ecole Hôtelière in Mazamet and then went on to gain experience working in restaurants such as ‘L'Esprit du Vin’ and ‘La Table du Sommelier’in Albi.

Then in 2016 when visiting Miramont de Quercy with his partner Karine Marischi he met Stéphane, who owned the Auberge de Miramont and who was intending to sell the business.  David and Karine had, for some time, wanted to open a business together and so this seemed like the perfect opportunity, they loved the Auberge and they loved the village.

Karine comes from a catering/events organising background and clearly all the couple’s experience has paid-off as they were able to quickly re-open the restaurant after its change of ownership in autumn 2016.  The two of them are now busy getting to know people locally and becoming involved with catering for various local events and weddings.  The TAPAS evening that they have arranged for the first Friday of every month is proving very popular locally.

David has prepared a delicious ‘sweet-treat’ recipe; a Banoffee Pie which is likely to be on (or soon to be on) people’s ‘most favourite’ list.

Banoffee Pie


4 Bananas

Un-sweetened cocoa powder for decoration

1 Tin of sweetened condensed milk (400 g) or a tin of confiture de lait already prepared.

180 g speculoos biscuits

80 g half-salted butter – for melting

40 cl liquid whole cream 

2 tablespoons icing sugar



The condensed milk/confiture de lait can be prepared several days before and kept sealed in the fridge.

  1. Using a pressure cooker, put the tin of condensed milk in the cooker and fill the cooker ¾ of the height of the tin with water.  Let this boil for about 35 mins.   Do not open the tin until it is completely cooled down.  Alternatively immerse the tin of condensed milk in a pan of boiling water and heat it gently for 2 hours.  Again – leave to cool completely before opening.
  2. Crush the biscuits with a food processor or a rolling pin.
  3. Mix the melted butter and biscuit crumbs to make a pliable paste. 
  4. Cover the bottom of moulds (removable bases if possible) with greaseproof paper. Press with the palm and then a spoon to make firm. 
  5. Place in fridge for 45 min (20 min in freezer) to harden.
  6. Put the whisks of your electric mixer (or hand whisk) and the bowl into the freezer – to cool them.   Whisk the cream and just before it is done add the icing sugar.
  7. Remove the crushed biscuit bases from their moulds.
  8. Cover the biscuit bases with the confiture de lait
  9. Cut the bananas into rounds and lay them on the confiture. 
  10. Spread the cream on the bananas and smooth the top with back of a tablespoon. Cool in the fridge for 2 hours. Sprinkle a little cocoa to decorate.


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