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Art, Antiques and an Old Garage

What do a motorcycle garage, an art deco lampshade and a glass-cutting diamond all have in common? The answer to this riddle is Delphine Majou! And where can you find Delphine?

The answer to this is in the village of Dausse on the road between Tournon d’Agenais and Villeneuve sur Lot.  Eighteen months ago, Delphine opened her ART BROC CAFÉ and as the name suggests it’s a mixture of art-workshop, gallery, antique and even a coffee shop. The atmosphere and style is somewhere between the unconventional and baroque and is both charming and tasteful.

Delphine had the brilliant idea to harness all her passions within the walls of an old, restored garage with the dream of sharing her passions with visitors, artists and workshop attendees.

There are four distinct sections within this building.  The first is a large space dedicated to antiques, housing countless treasures (and memories) including furniture, clothes, books, household devices and even an old French telephone booth.  Wandering around you can easily find yourself imagining new ways of adorning your own home and perhaps discovering a hidden gem you’ve been searching for.  It’s taken Delphine years to collate all the items and fortunately, she’s still enough passion and enthusiasm to continue bringing together the ‘stuff’ of people’s memories.

The second space provides a workshop.  Delphine is also a glass artist: she produces magnificent pieces using such technical methods as ‘fusing’, which involves building a shape with layered pieces of glass which are then heated in special oven or ‘tiffany’ a method using both copper and tin and then of course there’s traditional lead stained-glass working. So it’s possible to attend workshops teaching these skills. Renaud Leygue, from ‘Vitrea’ in Villeneuve sur Lot, also helps in the workshop, teaching these very precise techniques.  The workshop also holds different sorts of creative classes from furniture-patination to the art of wax-bronzing.  You can find a schedule on the website.

The third space, in this unusual location, houses a light and airy art gallery. Two different artists exhibit every month including painters, sculptors, and ceramicists.  The venue is so popular that the gallery is booked to the end of 2018.  This May you will be able to admire work of the Sicilian born artist Alphonso Marchica.

This revitalised building flows from one area to the next and eventually to the very important forth space, the coffee shop! Where as well as enjoying a drink you can perhaps take a minute to chat to Delphine.  She loves to hear the suggestions and comments of visitors so that she can adapt what she does to suit what people want to do and see.

It started as a love story,  in 2014 Delphine fell in love with this old garage and what has developed is an enterprise with many atmospheres bringing together, art, history, learning and a place to ‘pause’ and unwind. 

Delphine has a great sense of camaraderie with fellow artists and has become a member of a new organisation based in Pujols, called La Confrérie des Métiers d'Arts (which includes all sorts of artists) a further place to visit and see Delphine’s creative works.

05 53 49 12 49 - 06 21 74 12 87 


www.artbroccafe.com  Route de Villeneuve 47140 Dausse


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