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About the Team

John and Debbie Wilson are our gardening columists.  They run their own gardening business/nursery near Caylus.

lejardindesespiemonts@gmail.com  www.lejardindesespiemonts.fr


Caroline Sharp is from the ever-popular, family-run restaurant Le Caillau. She'll be sharing some of the restaurant's secrets of their culinery delights.Le Caillau, 46700 Vire sur Lot. 

www.lecaillau.com  facebook.com/lecaillau

Angi Richards, Angi's passion is archeology and history and she regularly writes about both and in particular about all things Roman, including the surveying of Roman roads in the region.



Jeanne McCaul, former South African journalist and television presenter, writes about art and culture, history, places and people – actually, anything that might be worth a closer look. Left RSA in the 80s and after living and working in different professions in the Alpes Maritimes, Germany and Belgium, moved back to France a few years ago.


Lisa Stanton regularly writes about wine, wine-drinking and production; she has a great deal of experience and her own vineyard.




Proprietor and Managing Editor, Anna Atkinson has lived in the region for over 12 years and started the magazine to help highlight all that is great and good in the area.




Valerie Rousseau is in charge of all French administration, correspondence and problem solving. As our native French speaker she is a vital link for all our French clients.

In addition Valerie writes about environmental issues and chases down ideas for up-coming editions.



Katherine O'Neill is who is also a Freelance, Digital Marketing Guru has taken over the social media/digital side of things.  She also helps out with some of the local deliveries so you may catch her out and about.