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A recipe from - Cafe du Centre

Café du Centre  - www.caferoquecor.com

Chef, Phillip de Lang has worked at the Café du Centre, Roquecor since 2004. With a Grandad who was passionate about food, Phil was exposed early on to the delights of home-grown fresh produce.  With a Grandma equally passionate about cooking the seeds were sown or rather the taste buds for a career in food.

At the age of 15 Phil started working Saturday nights in the kitchen at a local pub.   On Christmas Day when aged 16 at the last minute he helped out washing up in a restaurant and finished off being offered an apprenticeship.

From then on he worked for 3 years for Trust House Forte, followed by a 7 year stint in a Gentleman’s Club in Henley on Thames.  Following that, he spent some time with Sir Terrance Conran in London, before meeting up and working with John Burton Race.

While taking some time to work in France, Phil had a chance meeting with Martine, his future wife, strangely enough on a boat, whilst returning from one of his many working trips.   With his new wife, Phil settled down in London for a while.  However, when a new baby was on the way the decision was made to move to France on a more permanent basis.  Both having lived in the countryside previously, the beautiful Quercy region soon became a very attractive choice. 

Phil was offered the job at the Café du Centre, now owned by Jean-Marc Debuf and he has been the Chef there ever since.  Being able to source fresh produce, both seasonal and regional is an absolute pleasure for him.  Phil specialises in using these quality products to inspire dishes of the region, all “fait maison”.

Come and see for yourself and enjoy lunch or dinner in the charming village of Roquecor (82150).  The Café du Centre, with its wonderful terrace sits in the centre of the village.

Phil has given us one of his most useful ‘salmon’ recipes to share.  This must be a great one to try over the holiday period either served as a starter or for less people a healthy main course option.

Ballotine de Saumon


600g Salmon Fillet (Skinned & Pinned)

Season with Cayenne Pepper & pinch of salt


Skin and remove bones.  Roll Salmon (like a sausage) and double wrap in good quality cling film

Tie both ends firmly

Place in large pan and cover with boiling half milk and half water

Cook for 3.5 mins.  Turn off and leave in the liquid for a further 3.5 mins.

Remove and place immediately in an ice bath to stop the cooking process.

Refrigerate overnight – cut into portions when ready to serve.


Bring to the boil the following:

1 Glass Apple Juice

1 Glass White Wine

1 Packet Beetroot (Save a little to shred later) – Skinned & Cooked

Reduce down and then liquidize.  Add 1 egg cup White Wine Vinegar, 1 egg cup Olive Oil

Serve with salad leaves, shredded beetroot, crème fraiche and a slice of peeled lemon.

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