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Café du Centre  - www.caferoquecor.com

Chef, Phillip de Lang has worked at the Café du Centre, Roquecor since 2004. With a Grandad who was passionate about food, Phil was exposed early on to the delights of home-grown fresh produce.  With a Grandma equally passionate about cooking the seeds were sown or rather the taste buds for a career in food.

At the a...  Read More »

Auberge de Bardigues  


‘Chef Ciril’ as he’s known to his friends or, more formally, Cyril Simon is the proprietor and chef of the lovely Auberge de Bardigues.  A culinary gem hidden in the pretty, but little known, village of Bardig...  Read More »

What grows together goes together

Learning and teaching about food and wine and matching them together is Luci’s passion – here she continues with her journey through some of our regional delights.

This summer I have taken many food and wine tasting all over the Lot and Quercy region. On each occasion I have mainly served 6 wines wit...  Read More »

European, white-berried mistletoe, Viscum album is the best known variety of mistletoe and the one that popular traditions and folklores are based on.   It’s the only variety with the distinctively forked branches, paired symmetrical evergreen leaves and pearlescent white-berries that are associated with midwinter and Christmas.

Mistletoe exists by parasitically...  Read More »

All That Sparkles

The season for Tasting Everything!

What a wonderful summer we’ve all had. The weather, the friends, the visitors, the food but most of all the wines we’ve all tasted.  As I write this the sun is still warm and the days still very sunny, but I know that just behind the next corner, or rather falling leaf from the chestnut tree, winter is on its ...  Read More »

Motoring author and part-time Montaigu resident Russell Hayes tells of his car chronicles

I’m sure many books have been written at Quercy tables, for certain all five of my hardbacks on motoring history. Each carries a little bit of Montaigu de Quercy  (82150) time where I’ve come to our village house, strewn my notes and books across tables and chairs ...  Read More »

Leaving on vacation or locking up your secondary residence? Read on.

By Jeanne McCaul, Lauzerte

Recently some friends of ours were “visited by the movers”.  In case you’re wondering: this is the literal translation of a euphemistic French description for a burglary (“visité par les déménageurs”).

This unpleasant eve...  Read More »

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