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It is spring, and people everywhere are getting busy in their gardens. Unfortunately, so are slugs and snails. These pesky gastropods are a nuisance all year round, but in the warm, damp climate of spring, they thrive, and young spring shoots in your ornamental beds and pottagers are particularly vulnerable.

These molluscs are partial to many plants, especially beans, celery, lettuce, p...  Read More »

Beauville – some of its history, life today and what’s on.

Beauville is a small town on the top of a hill in Lot et Garonne – it has a commanding view of the valley below, the chateau has been extensively reconstructed over the centuries, but still commands the valley.  Although not recognised as a formal Bastide (there isn’t any sign of the charter), the to...  Read More »

The shock of discovering joy in an unexpected places makes its charm all the more seductive.

Montjoi (82400) which sits high on the side of a lush green valley is truly one of the region’s most attractive villages.   Visitors park outside the village and then enter on foot under the arched gateway to the narrow streets, quaint houses and stunning roses clinging ...  Read More »

It’s coming up for my 1st anniversary of living in France. How a year flies by!

The thing that seems to shock most people about my move to France is my age. You don't see many 33 year old single women and their dog upping sticks and setting out to start a new life, a new beginning in such a quiet corner of France. "Why the South West of France?" I am often asked. "Spend two days h...  Read More »

The only thing larger than the hairy ears you will spot in some of the paddocks around St Vincent Lespinasse (82400) is the heart of the lady in charge of these wonderful donkeys.  Donkeys that are the key ingredient in Cécile Boudon’s artisanal business.

Cécile started her business in 2009 fuelled by a love of animals and donkeys in particular.  I think ma...  Read More »

Café du Centre  - www.caferoquecor.com

Chef, Phillip de Lang has worked at the Café du Centre, Roquecor since 2004. With a Grandad who was passionate about food, Phil was exposed early on to the delights of home-grown fresh produce.  With a Grandma equally passionate about cooking the seeds were sown or rather the taste buds for a career in food.

At the a...  Read More »

Auberge de Bardigues  


‘Chef Ciril’ as he’s known to his friends or, more formally, Cyril Simon is the proprietor and chef of the lovely Auberge de Bardigues.  A culinary gem hidden in the pretty, but little known, village of Bardig...  Read More »

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